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Courtesy of Leads Customers Growth, the premier thought-leader in demand generation best practices, our library is now open to you. Our hope is that the resources you find here will speed you on to a better path in your marketing and sales organization. Learn from the top minds in the industry and discover how emerging technologies can help you perfect your sales and marketing alignment. Is this nirvana? Close…it’s Leads Customer Growth.

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General Demand Generation Whitepapers and Resources

Abachi - Generating Sales Ready Leads Whitepaper
Aberdeen Group - Precision Marketing Whitepaper
CSO Insights - Optimizing Lead Generation Whitepaper
Forrester Research - Improving B2B Lead Management Whitepaper

Marketing Automation Whitepapers and Resources

VTrenz - PAIN Marketing WhitePaper
VTrenz - Winning Customer for Life Whitepaper
VTrenz - Relationship Marketing Whitepaper Series

Search Marketing Whitepapers and Resources

Apogee Search - Paid Search Marketing Whitepaper
Apogee Search - Natural Search Marketing Whitepaper

Now Available

This paper will demonstrate how Precision Marketing techniques can improve response rates, reduce marketing waste and increase marketing ROI.

B2B marketers can no longer afford to emphasize lead volume over lead quality. This paper defines the new role of the 21st century marketer and explains how that can be achieved.

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