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Search Marketing Overview

Aligning Profit and Potential

Our established capabilities can provide you with a rapidly scalable online revenue platform that delivers seamless metrics solutions to identify, target, attract and retain the customer you want to keep for a lifetime. Feel free to browse through the information below to find a solution that fits your business. Or if you prefer, you can speak to a LCG representative directly.

Paid Search Advertising

LCG builds comprehensive Paid Search (PPC) campaigns to generate and optimize the keywords/keyword phrases and ad copy that will grow your leads and boost your sales.

Natural Search Engine Optimization

LCG provides industry leading Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to bring qualified visitors to your website faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training

Whether you are still building out your team or you have an experienced SEM group, we are here to help your team get to the next level. Our bread-and-butter is Search Engine Marketing, so we utilize our experience to bring first class instruction to your in-house team and tutor them in the best practices of the business.

Search Engine Marketing Analysis

Receive a free analysis of your website's performance in the search engines. We will provide you with a complete on-page and off-page evaluation of your website, as well as a 30 minute consultation free of charge.

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