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Our Story…

The Inspiration

Built in the Google Generation and driven by the same "Don't be Evil" mantra, our founder William (aka Bill) Leake recognized an appalling lack of good companies in the online business-to-business (b2b) demand generation space. Driven by this undeniable need for simple, first-class service the mission of Leads Customers Growth was formed.

Founded in 2001, our corporate headquarters are based out of Austin, Texas. Known by the tech community at large as Silicon Hills, Austin is a center for internet innovation and expertise. Surrounded by this radiply expanding high tech community and further complimented by the enormous intellectual capital produced by the University of Texas, Leads Customers Growth is in prime position to leverage the resources of this vibrant city and utilize them for the greater success of your business.

Our Passion…

The Conversation

The single most important dynamic of web 2.0 (aka the read-write web) is your audience and the rapidly evolving ability of your audience (either as individuals or representatives of corporate entities) to become active participants with your brand. This evolution of marketing and advertising spawned by the internet has placed increased emphasis on the ability to micro-manage and tailor messages to fit the audience that will be interacting with your brand.

At Leads Customers Growth, we pride ourselves on working closely with you - our client - to find online advertising and marketing solutions that suit your business goals. We utilize our resources (both internal and through our partner affiliations) to develop state-of-the-art technology and software to give you the edge necessary to compete successfully in the online marketing arena.

Here at Leads Customers Growth, we are committed to applying our comprehensive demand generation services to boost your internet marketing campaign. By generating customized solutions through a combination of marketing automation, online ads and copy targeting your specific audience, automated bid management, integrated Web analytics, and search engine optimization, you will discover what our clients have discovered - that a positive return on investment is a testimony to our ability and not blind luck.

Bluntly put, our passion is you. We want to understand your story in order to align your profit with your potential.

Our Approach…from Alpha to Omega


We partnered with the leading marketing automation engine, blended it with our comprehensive search marketing tools, and seamlessly rendered it into a comprehensive internet marketing solution with the collective intelligence of our team in order to allow you - our client - to fully leverage the demand generating potential of web 2.0.


The conversation with your target audience begins with a click. We give you the ability to integrate all of your marketing collateral, initiate/track/analyze distinct marketing campaigns across multiple channels, and then tie it all into your existing CRM system. The result is a simple unified platform to cultivate the relationship with your audience.

Click to implement…Click to analyze...Click to optimize…Done. It really can be that easy, and we would love to show you how.


It’s not internet marketing…it’s internet marketing with LCG. Unoriginal? Perhaps…but it conveys all the nuisances of what we deliver for you: results, freedom, and peace of mind. Finally in the infinitely complex world that is the web, someone is there to provide you with a full service platform personalized to deliver results and bring your profit in line with your potential.

Sit back and relax as your marketing campaign is delivered automatically and accurately with LCG.

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